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The Company


The Company

NBM was established in PanoAqil (District Sukkur ) on 11th July 1955. The mill was established with the aim to produce quality crushed bones from animal bones, for export purposes. NBM is proud to state that so far, 100% of its products is being exported.

In the early years of establishment , NBM produced Crushed Bone, Bone Grist and Bone Meal. However , to capture new export markets, additions to the plant were made to enhance the variety of products such as Steamed Bone Grist, Steamed Bone Meal, Steamed Horn & Hoof meal, Crushed Hoof, Sinews Meal, Dried Fish Waste and Leather Meal. The production plant at NBM is completely mechanized and is one of the most sophisticated plants in the Indian subcontinent. In the recent past European Community issued certain directives under which NBM had to modify its production system to eliminate “Specified Risk Material (SRM)”, and thus compiled with it.

Initially, NBM was exporting its products to United Kingdom, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Japan and Korea and now NBM is also exporting to Egypt, Poland and Czech Republic. Besides this NBM has opened up a new channel in which Bone products from Bangladesh are imported, for an export to a third country. In recent past NBM started exporting to USA as well and got approved by US vet authorities under import permit number C-119535.

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