Raw Bone Meal

UNIFORM SIZE OF CRUSHED BONE IS STERLIZED BY STEAMING PROCESS AND THE SIZE IS (0-2 MM). SPECIFICATION : NITROGEN : 4 % MIN | P 205 : 22 % MIN | PHOSPHORUS : 10 % | CALCIUM : 22 % Bone Meal is a raw, crushed Cattle bones below the size of 1.5 mm. It has the following advantages. 1: It is a natural source of phosphate fertilizer which provides ions that can be readily absorbed by plants compared to chemical fertilizers. 2: Contains comparable amount of total 'P' (about 7-8%) to that in single Superphosphate (SSP) (about 9%P) Contains Nitrogen as well (3.5 - 4%) which can be expected to give a greater crop yield compared to individual application of 'P' and 'N' 3: The ability of slow release of nutrients makes it more efficient than soluble fertilizers.