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Najib Bones Mils

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Leather Meal

LM is Derived from Leather Cuttings From Tanneries being processed. It Contains 11% nitrogen & being Used as organic Fertilizer.

Raw Bone Meal

Uniform size of Crushed Bone is sterlized by steaming process and the size is (0-2 mm). Specification : Nitrogen : 4 % Min | P 205 : 22 % Min | Phosphorus : 10 % | Calcium : 22 % Bone Meal is a raw, crushed Cattle bones below the size of 1.5 mm. It […]

Raw Bone Grist

Bone Grist is the cattle Crushed Bone in size 3/16”. Bone Grist is used for Bone Charcoal. Bone Charcoal is used for sugar decolorization, water filtration, soil remediation, soil augmentation and fertilization, air filtration, mineral spirit filtration, and as an animal feed additive. Specification : Grease : 2.5 % Max | Moisture : 7-8% Max […]

Crushed Bones (SRM Free degreased Crushed Bone)

The quality of our product SRM Free degreased crushed bone is well established and processed in strictly SRM Free zone and under our own strict supervision. The crushed bone being used as Raw material of Edible Gelatin, Pharma Gelatin and Photographic Gelatin etc. The crushed bones are available in different sizes as 3/8″ , 5/8″ […]